Responsible pet health groups & influencers

There are many nutrition-focused groups, bloggers, and influencers on social media, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Youtube. This page is a good place to look if you are interested in current dog nutrition advice from influencers who are promoting science, not misinformation and marketing.

A responsible social group, blogger, or influencer will:

  • Cite scientific sources and encourage members/users to do the same
  • Discourage misinformation & pseudoscience about dog nutrition & care, rather than engage in it
  • Support veterinarians, not disparage them

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Facebook Dog Nutrition & Health Groups

Responsible Facebook dog nutrition groups will have rules and moderation in place to prevent members from spreading misinformation, bashing veterinarians, or engaging in elitist or classist commentary when it comes to how people choose foods for their pets.

Canine : Nutrition & Dog Food Discussion – this educational group is strictly monitored and focused heavily only on science-backed dog foods. It requires members to cite sources when making claims, and is a great resource if you want more information about nutritional DCM as well as how highly qualified nutritionists develop dog foods and why they choose the ingredients that they do.

Dog Food Nerds of Facebook – this group is much less strict about food brands (“feed the dog in front of you“), but encourages owners to come to a science-backed conclusion through thoughtful deep dives, discussion and lots of sound information about how dog food marketing and influencers affect our decisions. This is also a fantastic group to learn about the nitty-gritty of nutrition itself.

Pet Vet Corner – this group only allows veterinarians to comment, and can be a wonderful place to ‘crowdsource’ science-backed medical and health information if your pet has an unusual ailment or dietary concern.

Dog Nutrition Bloggers

The following dog nutrition bloggers are much more focused on sharing evidence-based information than they are on spreading the type of ‘feel good’ information that tends to generate affiliate clicks, likes, and follows.

It’s important to note unlike many blogs and dog food ratings sites, these are free from any conflicts of interest (for example affiliate links, online stores, courses, or books that are used to generate profits).

Tufts University PetfoodologyThis no-nonsense blog is run by Tufts University Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists. They are the ultimate experts in pet nutrition and have a lot of easy-to-digest content.

All Trades DVMa veterinarian who takes a comprehensive and well-researched approach to understanding everything from nutrition to behavior.

The SkeptVet – this veterinarian takes a deep dive into several topics, citing data and research before coming to a sound conclusion. You’ll love this blog if you like to dig into the nitty gritty of veterinary research studies and want to learn how interpret data or spot pseudoscience.

Youtube & TikTok Video Dog Nutrition & Health Influencers

The following video influencers create fun & easy content for dog owners.

Vet Med Corner – Dr. M creates easy-to-watch YouTube videos on all topics, including nutrition using her vast experience in clinical practice and strong desire to share research-backed information.

@drmollysays on TikTok – Dr. Molly uses humor to share insight into pets and veterinary medicine.

@futuredrhannahmae on TikTokHannah is a veterinarian-in-training who shares he experience learning vet med, dog nutrition and otherwise.

@goldenagoutis on TikTok – A responsible dog owner and advocate who shares fun content on nutrition, training, and more.

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