Mid America Pet Food owns and manufactures the following brands:

  • Victor
  • Eagle Mountain
  • Nature’s Logic
  • Wayne Feeds

Please use the accordion below to look at the brand you are interested in.


Victor pet foods are formulated by somebody with a science degree and a simple online “companion animal” certificate from an organization focused on livestock. As far as we understand, they do not even consult with qualified nutritionist.

The brand was reportedly reformulated circa 2020, however, nobody was made aware of it. Victor is controversial in the sense that many people report health issues while their dogs were on Victor foods (hair loss, bad fur, low energy, weight gain/loss, no heat cycles), while many others have had no trouble (usually citing that Victor gives their dogs good stools).

Most reproductive veterinarians do not recommend Victor, as it’s well known to be a brand that correlates with poor breeding outcomes. An unusual amount of breeders have reported missed heat cycles, small litters, and puppies that failed to thrive.

When I emailed the company to ask about their calcium levels and formulations, they refused to put anything in writing.

Victor foods are among one of the top brands seen in confirmed nutritional DCM (heart disease) cases.

Most Victor formulas calcium/phosphorus ratios are from a “general analysis”. The guaranteed analysis result may provide higher values than what you see in our search tool.

Victor does not do any research or feeding trials and all but one of their formulas is inappropriate (excess calcium levels) for giant breed growth.


Nature’s Logic was purchased by Mid America in 2022.

Nature’s Logic foods attempt to meet AAFCO nutritional guidelines by only using whole foods and no synthetic vitamins.

All dog food companies must use a vitamin/mineral package of some kind to balance the nutrition in the foods that they sell. The fact that they do not is interesting and notable.

In many cases, Nature’s Logic foods are dangerously high in calcium, and deficient in other very important nutrients (including zinc and vitamin D). They use an AAFCO statement loophole as follows:

Nature’s Logic® Distinction® Canine Beef Recipe provides complete and balanced nutrition for All Life Stages and is comparable in nutritional adequacy to a product which has been substantiated using AAFCO feeding tests.

For perspective, the above Nature’s Logic formula has 4.10% calcium, which is double what brands with even “high” amounts of calcium have in their foods. This should never, ever be fed to a large or giant breed puppy.

On their website under FAQ where they talk about calcium levels and large/giant breed puppy growth, they indicate as follows “it is Nature’s Logic’s belief that the likely cause of large breed developmental problems are from diets containing a toxic brew of 20 to 26 chemical forms of synthetic supplemental nutrients”.

In other words, they are assuming that synthetic vitamins cause growth problems, disregarding all of the actual proven research pointing to excessive calcium levels and overfeeding.

They believe that their “whole food nutrition” could never cause a problem, which is interesting because it is well documented that unbalanced ‘whole’ fresh and raw food diets absolutely cause growth disorders in puppies. Turning that into a dry diet doesn’t solve the problem.

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