Fromm Foods are formulated primarily by the owner who has a degree in Chemical Engineering. He inherited the Fromm company from his family.

Fromm used to be an up & coming leader in pet nutrition research and helped pioneer the industry and some practices that are still used today. Their commitment to nutritional research stopped by 1995, however.

They do not complete feeding trials, participate in the veterinary nutrition community, or contribute to nutritional and health science. When pressed about this, in general they refuse to answer or will skirt around the issue. Especially when it comes to their formulation practices.

When asked about some basic qualities of their company by the Pet Nutrition Alliance (including who formulates the food, where is it manufactured, and are they willing to submit a sample for a pass/fail nutritional adequacy test), they deliberately refused to answer.

Fromm foods are among one of the top brands seen in confirmed nutritional DCM (heart disease) cases.

They do own their own facilities, and many people like their ‘family owned’ brand story.

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