Blue Buffalo Pet Food

Is Blue Buffalo right for your giant breed dog?

Blue Buffalo Pet Foods has recently employed a veterinary nutritionist. However, it is uncertain whether she will be involved in updating their existing commercial diets or in creating new ones. Previously, Blue Buffalo did not have a qualified nutritionist on staff; they have veterinarians and we believe they consult with at least one PhD in Animal Nutrition.

We presume that her primary responsibility will be to concentrate on their new veterinary diet range. Blue Buffalo currently offers an extensive product line, which would be too extensive for a single nutritionist to fully focus on.

Blue Buffalo foods are owned by General Mills. They have traditionally been ‘Co-Packed’ by another factory, however, General Mills has been making efforts to bring most of Blue Buffalo’s production into their own manufacturing facilities by 2024. A large % of Blue Buffalo foods are now made by the company itself, however, not all are.

We recommend calling and confirming with them where the formula of your choice is made (if this is important to you), and what the current situation is with on-staff qualified nutritionists and feeding trials.

Blue Buffalo foods are among one of the top brands seen in confirmed nutritional DCM (heart disease) cases. However, they are popular (large market share = more cases). Additionally, the above factor could change if the company utilizes their veterinary nutritionist correctly to reformulate the foods that have been the most problematic.

We recommend speaking to your veterinarian about the safest, healthiest, and most nutritious diet for your pet.


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